July 24, 2024
Ayodhya, UP, India
Ayodhya Budget Hotels

The Top 10 Budget Hotels In Ayodhya You Will Love To Stay

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Nestled along the banks of the sacred Sarayu River, Ayodhya stands as a timeless testament to India’s rich cultural heritage and spiritual significance. As pilgrims and travellers alike embark on a journey to explore the historical tapestry of this revered city, the need for comfortable yet affordable accommodation becomes paramount. In the heart of Ayodhya, where ancient temples echo with tales of mythology, we unveil the top 10 budget hotels in Ayodhya that offer a perfect blend of affordability and hospitality.

These budget-friendly gems promise not only a respite for the weary traveller but also an opportunity to immerse oneself in the vibrant local culture. From simple yet cozy rooms to warm and welcoming hospitality, these hotels are designed to cater to the diverse needs of guests. As the sun sets behind the domes and spires, these accommodations beckon with the promise of a peaceful retreat after a day spent exploring the sacred sites that dot Ayodhya’s landscape.

Join us on a virtual tour through the corridors of these budget hotels, where affordability meets comfort, and tradition seamlessly intertwines with modernity. Discover the allure of Ayodhya without breaking the bank, as we guide you through the top 10 budget hotels In Ayodhya that ensure an unforgettable stay in this city of ancient wonders.

1. Guru Dev Palace Hotel & Lawn:

      • Location: Nh 28, opposite Shri Ram International Airport, near Disha Coaching, Ayodhya, Uttar Pradesh 224001
      • Contact: 088699 89898
      • Amenities: Free parking, complimentary breakfast, and Wi-Fi.
      • Review: Gurudev Palace Hotel and Lawn offers spacious, well-maintained rooms with friendly staff. While lacking some facilities like a gym or swimming pool, it provides a comfortable option for those prioritizing affordability.

    2. Hotel Sahu Room’s:

        • Location: S H 30, Darshan Nagar Market Near Suraj Kund Faizabad Road, Shanawa, Ayodhya, Uttar Pradesh 224135
        • Contact: 075259 35132
        • Amenities: Free parking, Wi-Fi, air conditioning, and options for breakfast at an extra charge.
        • Review: Guests praise the hotel for its excellent service, cleanliness, and convenient location. With enhanced cleaning protocols, it ensures a safe and comfortable stay.

      3. Gayatri Palace:

          • Location: Deen Dayal Nagar, Bypass, Deokali, Ayodhya, Uttar Pradesh 224001
          • Contact: 087389 79647
          • Amenities: Free parking, Wi-Fi, and air conditioning.
          • Review: A good hotel in Faizabad, Gayatri Palace stands out for its cleanliness and excellent room service, providing a comfortable stay for guests.

        4. Birla Dharamshala:

        Image - Budget Hotels in Ayodhya

          • Location: 24/2, 10, Ayodhya Rd, Sai Nagar, New Colony, Ayodhya, Uttar Pradesh 224123
          • Contact: 099352 24897
          • Amenities: Free parking, Wi-Fi, and air conditioning.
          • Review: Positioned as a great place to relax, Birla Dharamshala offers a unique advantage with its proximity to Ram Mandir, making it an ideal choice for devotees.

        5. Sri Janaki Mahal Trust:

        Image - Budget Hotels in Ayodhya

          • Location: R636+H9G, Karsewakpuram, Vasudev Gath, Ayodhya, Uttar Pradesh 224123
          • Contact: 05278 232 032
          • Amenities: Free parking, Wi-Fi, and air conditioning.
          • Review: An amazing place to stay, Sri Janaki Mahal Trust stands out for its spacious rooms and commitment to a non-profit model, providing affordable accommodation.

        6. Ramila Kutir:

          • Location: 49/2/1-A, Ramghat Halt Crossing, Ram Katha Park, Ayodhya, Manjha Kala, Uttar Pradesh 224123
          • Amenities: Free parking, Wi-Fi, air conditioning, and on-site restaurant.
          • Review: Known for its enhanced cleaning measures, Ramila Kutir offers a safe and comfortable stay, allowing guests to absorb the energy of Ram Mandir.

        7. Shri Kanak Mahal Ayodhya:

          • Location: Q6W5+QQ8 shri kanak mahal, janki ghat, Meerapur Rd, Karsewakpuram, Ayodhya, Uttar Pradesh 224123
          • Review: A nice Dharamshala with air-conditioned rooms, Shri Kanak Mahal Ayodhya is praised for its proximity to pilgrimage sites and excellent connectivity.

        8. Royal Heritage Hotel & Resort:

          • Location: NH -24 Lucknow, Highway, Faizabad, Uttar Pradesh 271319
          • Contact: 081888 29090 ext. 0
          • Review: With a 3-minute walk from Shiva Mandir and warm, well-furnished rooms, Royal Heritage Hotel & Resort offers a convenient and pleasant stay.

        9. Swastika Hotel & Lawn:

          • Location: Mohabra Road, near Bhavdiya Public School, Ayodhya, Uttar Pradesh 224001
          • Contact: 063935 56011
          • Amenities: Free parking, Wi-Fi, and air conditioning.
          • Review: Committed to environmental sustainability, Swastika Hotel & Lawn provides a safe and comfortable stay with great value for money.

        10.Hotel Sahu Inn , Ayodhya:

          • Location: Rajarshi Dashrath Medical College, Darshan Nagar Kushmaha, Road, near CMO Office, Darshan Nagar, Ayodhya, Uttar Pradesh 224135
          • Contact: 070529 35132
          • Amenities: Free parking, Wi-Fi, air conditioning, and options for breakfast at an extra charge.
          • Review: Highlighted as the best stay ever, Hotel Sahu Inn impresses with its polite staff, spacious and clean rooms, and affordability.


        Best & Budget hotels in Ayodhya extend a warm invitation to travellers, weaving together affordability, comfort, and convenience to craft an unforgettable sojourn. As you navigate the spiritual heart of India, these accommodations stand as unwavering pillars of hospitality, seamlessly merging with the sacred ambiance enveloping Ayodhya. The simplicity of the rooms, coupled with the genuine warmth exuded by the hospitality, and the strategic convenience of their locations collectively contribute to the magnetic charm of the top 10 budget hotels in Ayodhya.

        Each establishment guarantees a memorable stay, offering a tranquil retreat amidst the historic and cultural wonders that define the city. Beyond being a haven for repose after a day of exploration, these budget hotels also serve as cultural gateways, enabling guests to immerse themselves in the very essence of Ayodhya. The rooms, though modest in their design, reflect a sense of understated elegance, fostering an environment of serenity that complements the city’s spiritual aura.

        Choosing one of these options allows travellers to embark on an enriching journey, where the spiritual tapestry of Ayodhya seamlessly intertwines with the comfort and affordability of their chosen abode. The budget hotels in Ayodhya not only fulfill the promise of a memorable stay but also act as conduits to the city’s rich heritage, ensuring that guests become active participants in the cultural narrative.

        With each stay, visitors are offered an opportunity to engage with Ayodhya’s history and traditions, making their experience more profound and lasting. As the journey concludes, the memories forged within the walls of these budget hotels linger, resonating with the echoes of Ayodhya’s profound spiritual and cultural significance. In the embrace of these humble accommodations, the traveler finds not just a temporary abode but a harmonious blend of past and present, where the city’s legacy converges with the modern pursuit of affordable and comfortable lodging.

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